Ramadan (with reference to tragedy this week in Manchester)

This week’s khutbah was on Ramadan

Allah SWT says in Sura Al-Baqara, ayat 183:

O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous

Dear brothers and sisters, the month of Ramadhan is now imminent, with most of us ready to experience the blessing of this month.

There is a sense of buzz in this month, both brought on by the scientific benefits of fasting and of course, the spiritual blessings of this given month.

And one of those blessings has been narrated in the following hadith in which our Prophet SAWS said:

“On the first night of the month of Ramadan, the Shayatin are shackled, the jinns are restrained, the gates of the Fires are shut such that no gate among them would be opened. The gates of Paradise are opened such that no gate among them would be closed, and a caller calls: ‘O seeker of the good; come near!’ and ‘O seeker of evil; stop! For there are those whom Allah frees from the Fire.’ And that is every night.”

Dear brothers and sisters, this hadith is shedding some light onto the magnificent blessings of this month. Now is the time to really benefit fully from what this month is offering us spiritually.

Last week, we spoke of the SOS our hearts and soul yearn for throughout the year and this month is the reply sent by Allah SWT.

Now there is no better time to utilise this fact and begin reciting and reflecting on the book of Allah SWT. It doesn’t matter how little you are able to read Arabic. In fact, greater reward is given to that person who struggles to read as opposed to a fluent reader.

We have the Quran here at the masjid for anyone wanting to start. We also have the Quran online through our website and there are apps for the Quran recitation to be done throughout the day. And if anyone wishes to learn in a class then speak to us and we can arrange that too.

The imam mentioned the following hadith of the Prophet SAWS which says:

“He who observes fasting during the month of Ramadan with Faith while seeking its reward from Allah, will have his past sins forgiven.”

Alongside the fasting and prayers, this is the month in which we demonstrate to ourselves and to each other, the best of our characters and the best of our manners.

The imam mentioned the following ayat from Sura-Rahman, ayat 60 which says:

Is there any reward for good other than good?

Dear brothers and sisters, at this point it is worth mentioning the atrocity that took place this week. As Muslims left in the aftermath of the horrific act, it is normal to feel scared, worried and unsure about how our city will react. However, such is the blessing of our Lord, we have the month of Ramadan here and now is the time to return to our Lord with humility and a fierce desire to combat this terrorist act with the true meaning of Islam.

Dear brothers and sisters, we are Muslims. We will use this week as a springboard to shower this city with acts of good. Whether it be a smile to a stranger, an act of charity or a gesture of peace, our time is now and now is the time to show the people of Manchester and beyond who we are.

A Muslim is an ambassador for Islam. We are the beacons for manners, kindness, generosity and fairness. Don’t let one individuals act hijack all that is good about us. How we react now to our non-Muslim friends and neighbours will define who we are for years to come.

Now is the time to stand tall and watch as the weary heart is strengthened because Ramadan is finally here. Celebrate that we have been given another year to embrace this blessed month.

And let us throw the satanic act back in the face of evil by defeating it with good deeds for one another because, as the imam pointed out, it can only result in good for us too.

So, back to Ramadan and with the rewards so great, and the day so long, is there anything one can do to help themselves successfully fast in this month?

And thus this ends with 4 tips for Healthy Ramadhan fasting:

  1. Don’t skip the pre-dawn meal – They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and in Ramadhan it’s even more important!
  2. Don’t overeat when opening the fast – It will make you sluggish, suffer indigestion and make night prayers harder.
  3. Avoid eating fried, salty or high sugar foods – They may make you feel good in the short run, but you will suffer for it in the following day’s fast.
  4. Drink as much water as possible – Sip water throughout the permissible hours. It will help in the following day’s fast.

Dear brothers and sisters, this is Ramadhan and so let’s make the most of it and use it to replenish our souls and sooth our hearts for the 11 months ahead.

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