Education at Salahadeen Al-Ayubi Mosque

About Islam

Discover the essence of Islam at Salahadeen Al-Ayubi Mosque, where faith thrives and community flourishes. Islam, rooted in the Quran and the traditions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), revolves around the Five Pillars guiding our worship and lives:

Quran Education

Learn the profound benefits of Quranic education at Salahadeen Al Ayubi Mosque, where we are committed to nurturing spiritual growth, promoting personal development, and fostering community cohesion through the teachings of the Quran.

Kids Islamic Studies

At Salahadeen Al-Ayubi Mosque, we are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of Muslim leaders through comprehensive Islamic and cultural education programs for children. fostering their spiritual growth, holistic development, and community engagement

Sisters Islamic Education

Join Salahadeen Al-Ayubi Mosque for empowering Islamic classes tailored for sisters. Our online and in-mosque sessions led by experienced female instructors cover Quranic studies, jurisprudence, and spiritual growth. Embrace sisterhood and empowerment. All sisters welcome!

Brothers Islamic Education

In today's world, understanding Islam is essential for navigating life's complexities. Islamic studies shed light on its principles and values, fostering mutual understanding and enriching lives.
Join us, brothers, in embracing this essential knowledge.