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Allah SWT has mentioned the word ‘hypocrite’  or its meaning 73 times in the Glorious Quran. As Muslims, we need to be conscious of this  and the damage that it can cause. In the current time we are living in, there…

Signs of a hypocrite

We carry on from last weeks reminder and focus on Sura A-Baqarah as Allah SWT speaks on hypocrisy here. The imam began this reminder with ayats 8 to 16 from Sura Al-Baqarah. In this reminder, we will attempt to break…

Description of a Hypocrite

Hypocrisy is a serious sickness and a great crime. It means making an outward display of Islam whilst inwardly concealing kufr. Hypocrisy is more dangerous than kufr (disbelief) and the punishment for it is more severe, because it is kufr…