Scene of Judgement Day

Dear brothers, last week was the day of Arafa and there were remarkable scenes of pilgrims gathered on the mountain plains supplicating to Allah SWT to mark their Hajj.

They had left their homes, lived in tents and in their action, showed us the path of leaving this world and going towards the hereafter.

This scene can invoke thoughts of how the Day of Judgement will look. My dear brothers, this is a reality that we are all facing in the future and one that is referred to in the book of Allah.

On that day the world and beyond as we know it today will cease to be and instead we will be gathered to be held to account.

Allah SWT mentions in Sura Fatir:

Allah keeps the heavens and earth from vanishing; if they did vanish, no one else could stop them. Allah is most forbearing, most forgiving.

Dear brothers, we cannot underestimate the gravity of this day. This is the new of which Allah SWT gives us a graphic account in the Glorious Quran so that we may take heed now whilst we are able to.

Allah SWT mentions in Sura Hajj:

People, be mindful of your Lord, for the earthquake of the Last Hour will be a mighty thing. On the Day you see it, every nursing mother will think no more of her baby, every pregnant female will miscarry, you will think people are drunk when they are not, so severe will be Allah’s torment.

Dear brothers, if we take a moment to reflect on this Ayat of the Quran we see that this is a stark warning by Allah SWT.

In this country we are only acutely aware of people being intoxicated with. It is a difficult scene to escape living here but imagine that behaviour from someone who hasn’t drunk alcohol. Imagine the severity of this day to cause such a behaviour from an otherwise sober person?

And dear brothers, if we reflect on our own mothers and our wives as mothers to our children then we can see the dedication and focus they possess for their offspring. Again, how severe must the event be for them to lose sight of those whom they care for with such dedication?

We must be prepared for this time and indeed, as muslims be acutely aware that as a muslim we aim to live for and to die for Allah SWT. This is the key to our success. Being a true believer is first and foremost over everything.

We all need to ask ourselves the following three questions and reconsider our goals in life accordingly.

Firstly, how well do we know Allah SWT? We all know that we are a being created by Allah SWT and will ultimately return to Him. Therefore nothing can be more important than knowing Him and his commandments surely?

Secondly, Allah SWT starts His book with Alhamdulliah – all praise and thanks is for Allah SWT. So do we give praise and thanks to Him. Are we grateful for everything that He has blessed us with, especially as we see the difficulties of our brothers and sisters across the globe?

And lastly, and this is the link for all three points, are we knowledgable of the Book sent by Allah SWT as a guide to the true path. Are we living by this book, conversant with this book and absorbed with this book?

Dear brothers, the Quran is the physical and tangible link we have to Allah SWT. It is a miracle for so many reasons and it will serve for us on the Day of Judgement too so if we haven’t made it our top priority then do we need to reconsider our goals in life?

We can all start with the resources made available in this very masjid. Whether it is the numerous copies on the shelves along with their translations or the resources on our website in Arabic, English and Kurdish, we can begin that journey today towards understanding the book of Allah SWT.

May Allah SWT make us aware of the Day of Judgement. May Allah SWT enable us to prepare for the day of Judgment and may Allah SWT adapt our path to that of the successful on the Day of Judgement.


Ameen wal hamdullilahi rabilalameen.

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