Final 10 days in Ramadan

My dear brothers, we are now at the pinnacle of the blessed month of Ramadhan. We have reached the final 10 days and nights of this month, of which one of the nights is that which we have discussed in a previous khutba.

To recap, In Sura Al-Qadr, Allah SWT tell us:

Indeed, we have sent the Quran down during the Night of Decree

And what can make you know what is the Night of Decree?

The Night of Decree is better than a thousand months.

The angels and the Spirit descend therein by permission of their Lord for every matter.

Peace it is until the emergence of dawn.

The Night of Decree, which is in one of the following ten nights has the potential for providing us with the reward of 1000 months. That’s about 83 years worth of reward.

To put that into some sort of perspective, that exceeds the average life expectancy of people living in the UK today.

Therefore, logic dictates for any rational person to pursue this reward with all their worth.

The final ten days should be regarded as the home-straight, a final push to achieve the most that can be achieved in this month.

So in preparation for this grand finale, here is a checklist of things that we can all do to make the remaining days of Ramadhan work to our advantage:

  1. Make every moment count. Whether it is in prayer, rememberance, charity or good deeds. These are the days which matter the most.

The Prophet (SAWS) set the example as is narrated in the following Hadith:

He would strive hard in worship during the last ten nights of Ramadhan as he did not do at other times.

  1. Get a Quran and recite as often as you can. This was mentioned in a khutba a few weeks ago but for those who weren’t here, the Quran resources on the website enable even those who cannot read Arabic to be able to recite the Quran. Our website is on the timetable at the back of the room.
  2. This is the time to get your past sins forgiven. So repent to Allah SWT with sincerity in these final days and inshAllah the repentence of all His sincere creation will be accepted.
  3. Encourage each other to come to the masjid. We are all aware of the challenge of praying Taraweeh prayers in this month. Sleep becomes a much sought-after commodity during the month of Ramadhan and it is easy to lapse as the clock runs out on this month. However, your brothers are here to support you in the masjid so welcome each other every evening. Greet each other with warmth and support and provide that encouragement that will bring you to the masjid the following night. Just a smile to a weary brother goes a long way and it is sadaqa too so double the reward inshAllah!
  4. And finally think of all that you need to ask Allah for and ask Him now. If you haven’t done before my dear brothers, this is the time to connect with Him and feel closer to Him. And when you do during these last ten nights and days of Ramadhan, inshAllah you will feel the connection which will make you want to do this again and again – even after the month is over.

Dear brothers, now is the time to step up in the efforts as the month is approaching a conclusion. Now is the time to put in that final effort before the celebration of Eid.

Don’t be those of whom the prophet (SAWS) referred to in the following sahih hadith in which he is narrated to have said:

O ‘Abdullah! Do not be like so and so who used to pray at night and then stopped the night prayer.

May Allah SWT enable us to step up our efforts in the final ten days of Ramadhan. May Allah SWT inject into our hearts the importance of the final ten days of Ramadhan. And may Allah SWT accept our efforts in the final ten days of Ramadhan.


Ameen wal hamdullilahi rabilalameen.

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