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The greatest blessing that Allah SWT can bestow upon us is that of faith or Imaan.

However, as we are all only too aware, Imaan is not a constant with us throughout life. Imaan is of levels. It is of degrees and forever fluctuating.

Dear brothers, Imaan is such a thing that when one reflects upon their own self they will recognize times when they are active and obedient; one recognizes in those times a feeling of strength towards Imaan.

Equally so, one is also able to recall times when one is falling short of the mark and feeling a weak sense of Imaan.

Imaan is illustrated by Allah SWT in the glorious Quran when one reflects on the verses within. An example is found in Sura Tahaa, ayat 17 to 21:

And what is in your right hand O Musa?

He said: “This is my stick, whereon I lean, and wherewith I beat down branches for my sheep and wherein I find other uses”

Allah said: “Cast it down O Musa”

He cast it down and behold it was a snake, moving quickly.

Allah said: “Grasp it, and fear not. We shall return it to it’s former state.”

Dear brothers, if one reflect upon these verses there are many wisdoms to be found. However, in times of low Imaan it is important to have at one’s disposal, key steps that one can take to lift their imaan again.

Firstly, it is to have the will to start again:

Every action begins with the intention to perform that action. Make the conscious decision not to surrender to temptations or distractions and make dua to Allah SWT to help stick the decision to improve.

Next, it is to not neglect the prayers:

It’s alright to take a break every now and again from other productive activities to renew energy or enthusiasm but take care to guard the compulsory obligations. These can never slip as it makes for a harder path back to strong Imaan.


Another step is to open the Quran and see what Allah wants to convey to you:

My brothers, it is one thing reading and reciting the Quran and this has many rewards of it’s own. In a previous Khutba it was mentioned that there is multiple rewards allocated to each letter recited in the Quran.

However, on top of that one way to increase Imaan is to read the words from your Lord and understand them. In other words, read the translation if Arabic isn’t a first language and reflect upon what is there.

Remember, even if a random place is opened in the Quran and recited, there is a wisdom and lesson in each and every line for one to learn and ponder upon.

Finally, one can take the step of associating with religious and knowledgeable people in order to increase their Imaan. This is often an overlooked point but very important especially in the society in which we live. Dear brothers, let’s make the masjid a focal point for the community with like-minded people once more InshAllah.

Even if it is for the congregational prayers and to hear the Imam recite the words of our Lord, it will serve to increase one’s Imaan as mentioned in Sura Al-Anfal ayat 2:

The believers are only those who, when Allah is mentioned, their hearts become fearful, and when his verses are recited to them , it increases them in faith; and upon their Lord they rely.


May Allah SWT make us yearn for greater Imaan. May Allah SWT instil Imaan into our hearts. And May Allah SWT guide us towards those deeds which increase our Imaan.


Ameen wal hamdullilahi rabilalameen.

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