Happiness and Tranquility

It is a common fact of existence that each and every living being has but one ultimate goal. That goal is to find happiness. It is to feel fulfilled in life, it is to feel peace and tranquility, it is to feel that inner happiness within themselves.


So, whatever a person does, they believe that as a result of that action they will achieve happiness. They say “I will be happy. It will bring me pleasure, joy and peace.”


Different people take different paths to find happiness in life. One group of people believe it is found in possessions such as a house, a car, savings and investments. So they think of achieving the best education, the best career, the best university and the best job.


Others believe in finding the path through fame or recognition. They say “What can make me famous. What can make people recognize me?”


Another group pursue their happiness through satisfaction of their sensual instincts. They tread the path of pursuing women, wine and other intoxicants.


And a lot of us sadly believe that happiness is found through a combination of the above. A little bit of wealth, with a little bit of fame, and a little bit of sensual desires.


But if you look in society at the people at the top of each of these groups: the rich, the famous and the ones most evil in their pursuit of sensual desires, you will see they all share the same thought:


Some of them have even been honest enough to say it. And that is the answer to the question. “Have you found happiness now?”


The honest amongst them say “Not yet…”


My brothers, true happiness does not come from this world. It is because this world is not our ultimate goal. True happiness, ultimate happiness comes from Allah SWT.


In Sura Az-Zumar Ayat 61 Allah SWT says:



And Allah will deliver the righteous to their place of salvation: no evil shall touch them nor shall they grieve.


Once we establish a connection with Allah SWT then this world becomes secondary.


What we have then we say “Alhamdullilah!”

What we don’t have then we say – “Alhamdullilah!


The world does not become our ultimate goal. And when the world ceases to be our ultimate goal then we are content with what we have. Our attitude becomes one of gratitude for what we have and optimism for what we will get from Allah SWT.


Don’t pursue the role models mentioned previously as they haven’t found happiness despite being at the top. Be amongst the guided so that you can find true happiness.


In Sura Al-Anam Ayat 125, Allah SWT says:


And whomever God wants, He guides him. He expands his breast for The Submission to One God. And whomever He wants to cause to go astray, He makes his breast tight, troubling, as if he had been climbing up a difficult ascent. Thus, God assigns disgrace on those who believe not.


My brothers, we are all to return to our Lord Allah SWT one day. On that day inshAllah each and every one of us will experience infinite happiness due to our good deeds.


In Sura Al-Isra, Allah SWT says:


And We have attached to every person’s neck his deeds, and We bring forth for him a record on the Day of Resurrection which he will find on display.


As our Prophet, peace be upon him, said:

Richness is not the quantity of possessions that one has, rather true richness is the richness of contentment” –Sahih Al-Bukhari


This world is telling you through the mouths of those on the false paths that happiness does not lie there. So turn to the path of submission to Allah SWT and the Sunna of our beloved prophet Muhammed, Peace Be Upon Him.


We ask Allah SWT to help us to attain happiness in this life through the worship of Him. We ask Allah SWT to help us achieve that inner happiness through the right means and the only means that truly work.


Ameen. Alhamdullilahi rabill alamin

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